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​Global Views is working a new texture; hair!

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Global Views is working a new texture; hair! This mohair chair in a deep navy brings in a richness into any space with the contrasted white wooden frame. The curved sides of the back create a lot of body in a small space. The curve goes from the back of the chair all the way down to the legs and feet. The buttoned back creates a tufted surface for optimized comfort when you sit in this chair.

The Global Views Gown Chair in Hairy Hide is a modern twist on a vintage chair. The low back and square surface make for a great addition to your decor as an accent chair. The Gown Chair in a camel which will add more of a pop of color to your room.

Finally, the Airline Bench-Holstein is a very modern take on a classic bench. The cowhide lends to an outdoor feel in an indoor space. Also, the bench is made with real cowhide, so no two benches are the same.

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