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Eye Catching Additions To Make Your Home Vibrant: Worlds Away Lighting & Furniture Edition

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From the elegant and loud to the quietly extravagant, the difficulty in finding the right pieces to complement each other whether in home or office spaces can be a daunting task. With an abundance of brands, opinions, and self proclaimed experts attempting to persuade, comment, or critique every potential decision in the name of rendering assistance, often end up making what should be an enjoyable event (decorating your space), into a nightmare or at least troublesome annoyance. 

Too often, luxurious can come off gaudy, careful color coordinated choices can seem tacky, and a beautiful opportunity can be wasted. 

To ease the stress, ShopDFO will begin running a weekly "Staff Picks Series" to show off a few of our favorite pieces from Worlds Away Lighting to Regina Andrews, and will be open in the comments to questions and comments.


Rating: 4/5

Unique Features: Lotus influenced design, warm vibrant lighting, stand out piece.

Company: Worlds Away Furniture

Worlds Away Furniture tends to have a wide breadth in creating stunning designs that titillate the imagination and are varied enough that can capture and hold attention masterfully. This piece is beautiful but not overstated. The intricacy of this Worlds Away Jupiter Floral Pendant in composition is truly a conversation starter.


Rating: 5/5
Unique Features: Luscious Color, Simple Design, Open piece
Company: Worlds Away Furniture

This radiant piece from Worlds Away is simply elegant. It's deep shaded body, light cover, and transparent base come together perfectly.

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